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Civic Labs Social Impact Report 2019Civic Labs Social Impact Report 2019

Civic Labs
Social Impact
Report 2019

Civic Labs, Creating Positive Impact

Civic Labs, Creating Positive Impact

At Postmates, we believe that the responsibility for societal change should not sit solely with non-profit organizations.
As a company, we can and should help.

We established Civic Labs, our incubator for social impact programs, to find unique and concrete ways for our company and employees to positively impact the neighborhoods where we live, work, and serve.

We’ve committed 1% of our product and our time to achieve positive change across three pillars: Promoting Food Security, Supporting Local Businesses, and Fostering Community Engagement.

Bastian Lehmann

“Everything starts with experimentation. Civic Labs lets us try different approaches to solving many problems. We operate this way because we want to objectively determine where and how we can make the most impact.”

Bastian Lehmann
Co-Founder and CEO, Postmates
Promoting Food Security

Promoting Food Security

In the first year of FoodFight!, we signed up over 10,000 restaurants and delivered 63,000 donated meals to 69 agencies in 154 cities.

By the numbers: 97% delivery completion rate
By the numbers
delivery completion rate